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Bronwen Glazzard Art

Bronwen Glazzard

About me


• Art & Printmaking at Hull College



• Artist & Designer and Partner in Metallic Garden



• Artparks International Sculpture Park - Guernsey
• Examples of my wall sculpture can be found in many public spaces across the UK

Bronwen Glazzard


I love arts and crafts of all kinds and enjoy looking at other people's artwork as well as producing my own.

Lately I've enjoyed experimenting with printmaking, papercuts and collage.

In my collages I often use recycled materials, papercuts, handmade prints and hand painted papers. I am inspired by nature, history, writing and all the wonderful things around me.

Collage - With great care, Bronwen hand prints, paints, or uses recycled materials and painstakingly cuts them out to create her beautiful folk art collages.

Print work - Adept at different printing techniques including screen, collograph, drypoint and linocut.

Pen & Ink - Skilled at producing images with great detail. Particularly fond of a traditional dip-pen & ink.

Painting - Prefers to use acrylic paints for their versatility and long lasting colourfast qualities.

Wall Art - From her own designs, Bronwen has created a range of copper tree wall art sculptures under the Brand name of Finch Tree®. These have been utilised by many organisations as fundraising trees and donation recognition projects with great success.